Tips for Buying Japanese Candy Online

Japan is one of the most amazing countries you can stay in. It has unique candies which are hard to find elsewhere. If you would like to try some, how will you about ordering them? Unfortunately, all the Japanese sites do not enable you to place an order from outside Japan. Supposing you are determined to order some, what can you do? The following are different ways to buy japanese candy online.

Find Reliable Online Stores

When you know the exact candy you want and you do not have stores near you, it is advisable to consider finding a reliable online store. Ideally, there are several online stores that can ship the candies you want. Reliable online stores ship the items directly from Japan to your home address. In other words, they can ship anywhere. Therefore, with a reputable online store, it will be easy to shop or buy Japanese candies online.

Japanese Auctions

Another option to consider in this process is Japanese auctions. If you planning on buying Japanese candy online, you might be familiar with the giant Japanese auction sites. Yahoo auctions are one of the auction sites in Japan. It sells over 5 million items daily. When choosing an auction site, there are multiple elements you should consider to ensure you pick the perfect auction site. With the best auction site, you can place your order and receive your favorite Japanese candy.

Candy Japan Box

As a newbie, you might not understand the procedures you should consider when placing your order. In such a state, it is advisable to consider subscribing to Candy Japan Boxes. Once you subscribe to the service for a monthly fee, you will receive a box of different Japan Candy to try out every two weeks. Each box will be different and you will get to sample various candies to see what suits you.

When using this option, there are several benefits buyers will get. Apart from trying out different types of candies, this method helps spread various types of candies beyond the target audience. Therefore, if you can afford this option, choose it and get the opportunity to sample different types of candies.

Know the Available Types

When buying Japanese candy online, it is essential to ensure you know the available different types of Japanese candies. Here are the common types of Japanese candy.

Pineapple Candy

One of the common types of Japanese candy is pineapple candy. It came as a surprise in Japan because pineapple candies are not commonly found in supermarkets and stores. It was introduced in 1951 and it has grown to become the favorite Japanese candy among people of all ages.

Glico Pop Candy

The Glico Pop Candy is made in Japan by Glico. It is available in reliable Japanese stores in different 6 sweet flavor combinations. You can get them in strawberry, grape, muscat, pure ramune soda, mixed fruits, and cola flavors.


If you want to try Japan’s snacks, it is essential to consider buying these snacks online. There are multiple options you can choose based on your preferences. Buying Japanese candy online is much safer and saves you more time and money. Choose a reliable online store and get unique and original Japanese candy.



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